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ESG & Sustanability services
GET SUSTAINABLE with Net Zero Cloud!
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We know customers expect corporations to embed sustainability into their business. Build greater accountability & accelerate your environmental, social & governance (ESG) with Range21. Reinvent your business after Go-Live!

What is ESG & why is it good for business?

ESG is a system to measure the sustainability & ethical impact of a company in three specific categories: Environmental, Social & Governance. The advantages to proactively tackling ESG issues go beyond appeasing shareholders & creating a good public relations story. Companies that create a robust ESG program build stronger connections to their customers while solidifying brand loyalty, open up access to large pools of capital, and promote long-term growth benefiting companies and their investors.

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We nurture inclusion.

Our company promotes representation & opportunity for everyone in our corporate structure. Our people, clients & communities benefit when the voices of diverse talent are amplified.

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Equal work for equal pay.

Range21 is proud to promote 100% pay equity for women & men in equivalent roles.

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Balance is key.

We promote a balanced & diverse work environment. Range21 is proud to attract a wide variety of talent while maintaining equity in hiring.

Explore the Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud Process.

Assessment: Phase Zero

Establish ESG goals, commits & processes. Align with regulations. Identify underlying technology. Receive a definitive roadmap to guide your ESG journey.


Strategic, interactive sessions to establish ESG goals & organizational feasibility in the context of regulations. Define the organizational roles & responsibilities. Design activities & architecture to deliver on ESG non-financial KPI’s. We deliver your business & technical roadmap to achieve your strategic ESG goals.


3-6 weeks (pending scope)

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Rapid Start/ PoC: Phase One

Begin your journey to Net-Zero. Quickly enable carbon tracking & analyzation using purpose-built Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud functionality.


Kickoff/discovery call. Validate, install, setup profiles & permissions. Configure carbon footprint, energy use, assets & emission factors as well as carbon reports & dashboards, climate action & travel dashboards, process automation & approvals.


2 weeks

Agile MVP:

Begin with a true ESG 360 on Salesforce Net-Zero Cloud. We build a digital foundation to track & analyze Carbon + DEI KPI’s, enabling governance at go-live.


All Rapid Start deliverables + incremental discovery to define more inclusive Carbon & DEI factors, processes & workflows. Expanded waste management & water consumption tracking. Track & analyze DEI status per location; identify imbalances. Automated integration. User acceptance testing, training & hypercare.


Approximately 10-12 weeks

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Visionary Implementation: Almost THERE!

Already have a comprehensive ESG strategy? We’ll do the heavy lifting & bring your vision to life on Salesfoce Net-Zero Cloud. Fully ESG capable from day one.


Kickoff & discovery sessions to translate your vision into a digital architecture. Complete validation, install, setups & data configurations. Expanded waste management and water consumption tracking. Build reports/dashboards, processes automations, approvals to align to your ESG vision. User acceptance testing, training, and hyper care.


Starts at 12 weeks

"Net-Zero & ESG are near and dear to my heart. I was raised in a time when software & tech related jobs weren't promoted as employment options, and environmental impact was rarely considered. I'm proud to bring awareness to a diverse group of people who will benefit from these career opportunities & make a positive impact in their communities."

Sustainable growth for a growing company.

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MOVE INTO THE 21st CENTURY. GET THERE WITH Layer 1 Salesforce Optimization & Innovation !

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Your Journey Begins After Go-Live!

We have the experience, Range & commitment to maximize your Salesforce investment. Discover the full Range of functionality with our experts. Check in with our Rangers to find out what we can do for you!

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